Furukawa Rock Drill USA Introduces Fx225 Qtv Hydraulic Breaker with Redesigned Internal Routing, Dust Intake Prevention System and Qtv Box Modifications

KENT, OH – September 1, 2016Furukawa Rock Drill USA, a leading manufacturer of blast hole drills, hydraulic breakers and various other attachments for skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators, is introducing its newest hard hitting, large-series model, the Fx225 Qtv hydraulic breaker. The hammer is designed to help improve day-to-day performance, providing less maintenance and downtime, smoother operation, superior strength and the highest level of reliability.

The Fx225 Qtv is a 4,250 impact class breaker engineered to operate on 21 to 26.5 ton excavators. Improvements to the internal grease routing provide more direct lubrication to select components, with an inline grease fitting for easier access. The relocation of the air inlet for the patented dust intake prevention system allows it to take in air from the top of the breaker, creating a dust-free environment for cleaner, more reliable operation.

Like other large series breakers in the FRD line, the Fx225 Qtv also features a square, mono-block design, eliminating the need for through-bolts, improving durability and reducing maintenance. Improved valve design reduces hydraulic fluid temperatures for increased performance. A redesigned piston enhances surface contact to working steel, while a larger bushing surface keeps it aligned for greater impact. A replaceable cylinder liner increases tool life and reduces time-consuming maintenance.

Other features of the Fx225 Qtv hammer include:

  • Improved Qtv Box to allow easy, quick access to the accumulator
  • Increased hydraulic flow range for use on a wider range of carriers
  • Three-point sealing system to prevent internal contamination
  • Increased and improved lubrication to critical components
  • Replaceable cylinder liner with concentric porting to keep the piston aligned for maximum impact performance
  • Improved dust intake retention system for increased reliability

All Furukawa hammers come complete with excusive Pro-Pak for ease of installation. The Pro-Pak includes hose whips, mounting hardware, standard working steel and tool kit with operating manual at no additional charge.

Furukawa Rock Drill USA is a leading manufacturer of blast hole drills, hydraulic breakers and various other attachments for skid steer, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators. FRD USA Attachment Division (formerly marketed as Kent Demolition Tool) is a leading brand throughout North and Central America, and FRD USA Rock Drill Division offers a complete line of advanced drills and accessories for construction and quarry sites.