Multiple Attachments for Various Needs.


TEFRA Coupler, HP 65 II Shown


A one-stop shop for any demolition job.



Fx770 Qtv Hydraulic Breaker Shown

A complete line of top hammer and DTH drills for construction and quarry sites.



DCR22 Equipped with Tier IV
EPA Compliant Engine Shown

Designed specifically for FRD-USA Tier IV Drills.



HD800 Series Drifter Shown

The industry’s first QR code system to optimize dealer and end-user operations.



A Complete Line of Reliable, Cost-Effective Blasthole Drills, Hydraulic Breakers and Related Attachments

Leading Innovations for Construction, Mining and Industrial Applications

Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) USA  is a leading manufacturer of blasthole drills, breakers and other attachments for compact utility loaders, skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators.

FRD USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of FURUKAWA ROCK DRILL CO., LTD., founded in 1875 by Ichibei Furukawa to mine and smelt copper. FURUKAWA has diversified over the years to become a leading corporation in Japan. Today, in addition to mining, FURUKAWA also has business in machinery, metals, electronic materials, chemicals and real estate.

FRD USA operates two divisions in North and Central America, with headquarters in Kent, Ohio and a full-service facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  As a technology company, our products are always on the leading edge, incorporating all the latest equipment advancements to increase reliability, ease of operation and safety.

Rock Drill Division

Our Rock Drill Division offers a complete line of blasthole drills and accessories for construction and quarry sites.  Our drills are equipped with the latest innovations to ensure reliability, safety and ease of operation, including heavy duty undercarriages, high output compressors and dust collectors, advanced hydraulic and pneumatic systems and comfortable cabs. We constantly innovate to keep up with the needs of the demanding industry.  

Breaker/Attachment Division

The Breaker Attachment Division (formerly Kent Demolition Tool) specializes in attachments for compact utility loaders, skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators.

FRD USA breakers and attachments are built to last.  With innovative features such as mono-block body design, the elimination of thru-bolts, improved internal grease routing and patented dust intake prevention systems, our breaker technology represents our ongoing commitment to innovation, durability and quality operation.

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Choosing the Right Hydraulic Breaker

When operated properly, breakers efficiently and effectively break up concrete and shatter rock. If not operated properly or not sized correctly for the job, the attachment can fail unexpectedly and waste precious time on a job site, or even suffer a reduced lifespan. To learn more about proper operating techniques and choosing the right hydraulic breaker for your job download our latest guide.

Dependable Blasthole Drills Start at Step One

Blasthole rigs and drills don’t need much explanation. They’re used for drilling a hole into the surface of the rock, packing the hole with explosives and then detonating those explosives in the blasthole to break up rock and hard minerals to make it easier to remove. If you are interested in learning more, download our guide on choosing the right rock drill for your job.

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