Encore Recertification Program Protects Your Investment

Chances are, you have more important work to do than routine breaker maintenance. That’s not to say routine breaker maintenance isn’t important. It’s crucial to ensuring reliable operation and long equipment life. It just might not be the best use of your busy service department’s time or your resources while you’re trying to focus on your business and serving customers.

A routine maintenance program will extend breaker life and minimize unplanned downtime caused by breakdowns. It will also decrease the need for replacement of more expensive parts and ensure breakers are maintained to factory specifications.

Choose the Level of Service

A routine maintenance program typically includes a tiered approach, with varying levels of service provided depending on the tier, which can range from detailed inspection up to all-inclusive maintenance services. Having a routine maintenance plan is an intentional approach to equipment management, typically running from the time equipment is purchased until it reaches the end of its useful life.

And when it’s time for a rebuild, an authorized equipment dealer will perform a certified rebuild to ensure the manufacturer’s process is followed exactly and genuine OEM parts are used to ensure the rebuild is properly performed. Rebuild programs are designed to turn an existing breaker into a “good as new” breaker at a much lower cost than acquiring brand new equipment.

Encore Recertification Program

FRD USA offers the Encore Recertification Program, which has tiered service options to extend the life of FRD F-Series hydraulic breakers. The three distinct service levels each incorporate various maintenance options. From routine tool inspection to complete overhaul, it’s easy to choose the level that is best suited to individual needs.

Tiered Service Levels

  • Tier I: Offers a detailed inspection report including digital photographs complete with test firing.
  • Tier II: In addition to the inspection report, tier II includes all seals, a diaphragm, hose whips, four (4) backhead bolt or through bolts (as applicable) and related hardware, plus polishing of the piston and cylinder before reassembly. Each unit will be returned with a three-month warranty, fully assembled with all bolts factory-torqued, all nitrogen chambers properly charged, and the breaker painted and decaled.
  • Tier III: The ultimate maintenance package, this level includes all services from tiers I and II, plus many more features, such as replacing the thrust ring and front cover (if applicable) retainer pin(s), grease fitting, hose whips and all bushings. It also provides a choice of one standard working steel. Tier III includes a six-month limited warranty and free return freight.

Additional Program Benefits

The Encore Recertification Program offers dealers and their customers even more flexibility with these additional benefits:

  • Purchase one program tier, but retain the option to upgrade to the next tier while paying only for the level of service that is performed.
  • Purchase any additional parts required for proper repair – without additional installation charges.
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The Encore Recertification Program is exclusive to FRD USA dealers and their customers. To request an RGA form or obtain details on program procedures, contact FRD USA today at 800-527-2282.