Why consider FRD?

That was probably the most often asked question when we visited prospective dealers or customers. It’s a very valid and fair question but one that was easily answered.

  • We’re a manufacturer
  • We surpass competition with regard to spare parts
  • We implement ideas that others try to imitate

We’re a manufacturer:

  • FRD is one of the oldest companies in Japan; nearly 150 years old! Our roots, our knowledge and our strengths have always been directly related to the mining and demolition industry. It’s why our Crawler Drill and Hydraulic Breaker designs are ‘cutting edge’ and why many of our innovations are Patented. We will never market or promote a product that cannot meet our level of quality control.

We surpass competition with regard to spare parts:

  • When you’re down, you need spare parts now – not when we hope we can get them. Daily Fill Rates for our Rock Drills averages out at 95% while Fill Rates for our Hydraulic Breakers averages an astounding 98%! I don’t believe any other company routinely suppling parts to the Mining and Demolition industry can compete consistently with our rates of success. What we’re doing is unprecedented.

We implement ideas that others try to imitate:

  • We bring things to market that further strengthens a ‘supplier/dealer’ relationship. Ideas like; Switch-Hitch / Floating Boss Mounting / ENCORE / F-Check.  We recognize what our industry needs and our Product Support Department, in conjunction with our Sales Department, creates the end-result. Sometimes our concepts expedite product delivery while sometimes our ideas give you instant access to specifications or maintenance intervals. We must be doing things right because so many competitors try to duplicate what we’re already successful with.

These 3 basis principles are why so many prospective dealers end up having long term relationships with FRD. So maybe the question should be, “Why NOT consider FRD?”

To learn more about FRD USA hydraulic breakers and how their mono-block body design can improve productivity and decrease costs, call FRD USA at 800.527.2282

Furukawa Rock Drill USA is a leading manufacturer of blast hole drills, hydraulic breakers and various other attachments for skid steer, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators. FRD USA Attachment Division (formerly marketed as Kent Demolition Tool) is a leading brand throughout North and Central America, and FRD USA Rock Drill Division offers a complete line of advanced drills and accessories for construction and quarry sites.