Fx1070 Qtv Large Series Hydraulic Breakers – Enhanced performance in an extra-large breaker.

Fx1070 Qtv Extra Large Hydraulic Breaker

Fx1070 Qtv

Extra-large demolition and quarry jobs require an extra-large breaker, and the new Fx1070 Qtv delivers.

It works on a wide range of carriers—from 65 tons all the way up to 110 tons—for added versatility. The Fx1070 improves breaking performance with high back-head pressure to deliver greater impact. It also improves day-to-day performance with less maintenance and downtime, smoother operation, and the highest level of reliability.

Fx1070 Qtv Features & Benefits

  • Wide carrier range (65 to 110 tons) for use on a large variety of carriers
  • Large diameter working steel at 8.27 inches (210 mm)
  • High back-head pressure (201-221 psi at 75 degrees to 95 degrees)
  • A replaceable cylinder liner with concentric porting keeps the piston aligned for maximum impact performance and reduces the overall maintenance cost
  • A scratch-resistant phosphate coating applied to both the valve and cylinder liner improves the service life of both components and minimizes the opportunity for minor galling
  • An anti-idle blow system prevents the hammer from blank firing

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