End-User Spotlight: Bomar Construction

Dealer – Scott Equipment


Commercial contractor looks to FRD breakers to help grow its business

Bomar Construction operates in the fast-growing Nashville region, which has brought steady growth to the family-owned commercial contractor. From warehouse buildings to retail centers, Bomar Construction has broken ground on any number of projects.

Before new buildings can go up, Bomar relies on FRD USA hydraulic breakers to help clear the construction site. Specifically, Bomar uses FRD’s Fx475 Qtv on a Volvo excavator. Bomar purchased its first FRD breaker in 2017 and recently bought a second Fx475 Qtv through dealer Scott Equipment.

“We’ve probably hammered out six acres of rock over the last five years,” said Bomar Construction CEO Mike Rippetoe.

He said the Fx475 is very efficient for the size of the excavator used and has “exceeded expectations” for how much mass quantity can be broken.

“The FRD breakers are user-friendly with performance and maintenance that are ahead of the market. In five years, we’ve only had to rebuild one time. We were expecting we would have to rebuild every other year,” added Rippetoe.

He said Bomar Construction purchased the second Fx475 Qtv and is using it on a Volvo excavator with the goal of doubling the size of its operation. In the fast-growing region and with a reputation for quality work, FRD USA breakers will have no challenges in helping Bomar reach that goal.