Choosing the Right Size Breaker for Your Carrier

Whether you have a compact utility loader or skid steer up to a full size excavator, there’s an FRD USA hydraulic breaker that’s the right fit for your carrier.

Choosing the proper size breaker to handle the job starts with the material to be broken. A larger breaker is typically better suited for really hard or thick material because it has more power to handle the material and can do the job faster. There is no universal industrial standard, but the size of the breaker can be measured by weight ratio, impact energy level, working steel/piston diameter and more.

The proper match can ensure equipment efficiency is optimized while also protecting the breaker itself. Ultimately, the size of the attachment will depend on the size of the carrier.

FRD USA has developed a carrier compatibility guide as a quick, easy reference to properly align the FRD breaker and carrier. You simply select the carrier type, then choose the carrier manufacturer from a dropdown menu and finally select the carrier model from another dropdown menu. The guide does the rest, generating a list of the FRD USA hydraulic breakers that are compatible with that specific carrier model.

Access the carrier compatibility guide here.

With more than 30 different attachments, FRD USA helps you get any job done right. To learn more about FRD USA hydraulic breakers, call FRD USA at 800.527.2282.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Breaker

When operated properly, breakers efficiently and effectively break up concrete and shatter rock. If not operated properly or not sized correctly for the job, the attachment can fail unexpectedly and waste precious time on a job site, or even suffer a reduced lifespan. To learn more about proper operating techniques and choosing the right hydraulic breaker for your job download our latest guide.