HCR1100-ED Rock Drill –
The perfect drill for quarries or construction sites.

The HCR1100-ED with extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity no matter what the drilling situation. 

Low emission, Tier-IV Cummins® engine meets strict North American exhaust emissions regulations. 

The Furukawa HD818 drifter (patent applied for) is designed to minimize drill noise and vibration, while increasing percussion frequency by 24% versus the HD709 drifter, its predecessor. 

Duel dampening system stabilizes the bit against the rock, ensuring efficient energy transfer and straighter holes. The system automatically adjusts the drifter for maximum performance regardless of the rock condition. 

HCR1100-ED Tier-IV Rock Drill

HCR1100-ED Features & Benefits

  • Rod changer with proven design allows for the install of five drill steels plus one 13′ starter rod.
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage – featuring a pentagonal section design to reduce dirt build-up and track wear – ensures strength and durability. 
  • High-output compressor provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear. 
  • Reliable dust control system provides effective pre-cleaner to reduce escape of drilling dust. 
  • Single-lever drilling control for easy operation. 
  • Walk-around ground level maintenance provides fast, easy upkeep or repair.