End-User Spotlight: Rock Solutions

Dealer – Construction Machinery Company


Rock Solutions Blasts to a Bright Future with the Help of FRD and Construction Machinery Company

When it comes to rock removal on all kinds of terrain, Rock Solutions LLC is the company to turn to in the four-state area of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana. Located in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, Rock Solutions provides drilling and blasting services on a wide range of projects, from quarries to highways and civic projects to utility lines and more.

Rock Solutions is an offshoot of Cleary Construction, also located in Tompkinsville. Cleary Construction lays utility lines, among other projects. As it encountered an increasing number of projects where drilling was required, Cleary Construction formed Rock Solutions to provide drilling and blasting services. Today, Rock Solutions stands on its own as a drilling and blasting company.

Rock Solutions Project Manager Neil Wilson said the company stands apart in the industry based on the quality of its employees. “We really try to grow our drillers and blasters from the bottom up. We take pride in having homegrown employees who have worked their way up so they have the right amount of experience and know-how to service our customers.”

The company has been using FRD USA blasthole drills since 2013 and now has a fleet of FRD drills through its local dealer, Construction Machinery Company. “We heard a lot of great things about FRD and we were intrigued. We were immediately impressed with what they offered and over time they have proved themselves to us time and time again,” said Wilson.

He described the level of service and support provided by FRD and Construction Machinery Company as “excellent.” He added, “They have been extremely beneficial to us as a company. The thing that stands out to me the most is how FRD and Construction Machinery Company will go out of their way to help us in any way.”

With the quantity and variety of FRD drills Rock Solutions has, it can meet almost any drilling need in many different types of environments, projects and regions. Wilson said FRD’s commitment to continuous improvement is important to this flexibility and a quality result. “FRD is always making necessary changes to improve their products to stand out above the rest,” he said.

Wilson said he sees a bright future for the rock drill industry, with one wish that he thinks can make that future even brighter. “Hopefully, we can get more young people involved and get even more interest in the drilling and blasting industry.”

And the future for Rock Solutions? “We have a mixture of young and old employees. We love what we do and want to continue growing as a company in this industry.”

To learn more about Rock Solutions, visit rocksolutionsllc.com. To learn more about Construction Machinery Company, visit cmcky.com.