HD800 Series Drifters – For FRD Tier IV Drills

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The HD800 series drifters are designed to minimize drill noise and vibration without sacrificing performance. Incorporating a new piston design, the HD800 series drifters maximizes energy transmission and drills effectively in a variety of rock types.

New Piston Actuation

A new piston actuating mechanism performs with more percussion and generates more power at the same time, outperforming the FRD’s HD712 drifter.

Dual-Damper System DDS

FRD has developed the Dual-Damper System, a first in the industry. For maximum energy transfer, active DDS minimizes the return of shock waves by keeping the bit firmly against the rock at all times during drilling.  It also minimizes percussion energy loss, and by optimizing the overall feed force, greatly improves the life of drilling accessories. An additional benefit is the greatly improved life of drilling accessories. Active DDS (U.S. Patent No. 5,896,937).

Wedge Type Piston

The drifter’s wedge type piston allows for greater impact efficiency.

HD822 Drifter attached to a machine | Furukawa FRD

HD822 Drifter

Better Penetration with Increased Impact

  • The Furukawa HD800 Series drifter (patent applied for) is designed to minimize drill noise and vibration, while increasing performance.
  • With more impact, this drill has the ability to perform in harder rock at a larger diameter.

Dual Damper System DDS

  • Stabilizes the bit against the rock, ensuring efficient energy transfer and straighter holes.
  • Automatically adjusts the drifter for maximum performance regardless of the rock condition.