Controlled Blasting Relies on Longevity of FRD Drills for Challenging Projects

Controlled Blasting Inc. in Winder, Georgia, bought its first Furukawa rock drill in 1991 – and continued using that drill for 30 years.

Controlled Blasting recently sold the drill after acquiring newer equipment, but the drill is still going strong for another customer. That kind of longevity, durability and reliability is why Controlled Blasting relies on equipment from FRD USA Rock Drill for its drilling and blasting projects.

One current project has mass rock that must be drilled (and shot) as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Controlled Blasting has six Furukawa drills on site to meet the demands of this challenging project. The drills range in age from 24 years old (HCR9ES) to the newest (HCR900ESV), which was acquired in early April. In addition to these two drills, the other Furukawa drills on site are another HCR9ES, two HCR900ESIIs and one HCR1800EDII.

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