HCR900-ESV – Innovative Features For Higher Performance

Combining performance and economy, the HCR900-ESV is the perfect drill for quarries or construction sites.

Utilizing a Cummins® Tier-IV EPA compliant engine, the HCR900-ESV combines higher performance with fuel efficiency.

Simple, durable and efficient, the HCR900-ESV with extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity no matter what the drilling situation. By automatically controlling the impact force, feed force, rotation force and dual damper pressure, the HCR900-ESV continuously adapts to the changing rock conditions, increasing drilling performance and the life of drill tools while decreasing fuel consumption.



HCR900-ESV Features & Benefits

  • The Furukawa HD818 drifter (patent applied for) is designed to minimize drill noise and vibration, while increasing percussion frequency by 24% versus the HD709 drifter, its predecessor.
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize operator fatigue. The engine, compressor and hydraulic oil temperature gauges are highly visible, allowing the operator to monitor machine functions while remaining focused on the drilling.
  • The dust collector is equipped with an effective pre-cleaner that has the same suction capacity as previous models and reduces drilling dust leakage. An optional water/dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.
  • Low emission, Tier-IV Cummins® engine meets strict North American exhaust emissions regulations.
  • Winch-ready frame adds application versatility.
  • Rod Rack allows to store four drill steels plus one starter rod.