HCR1450-EDII Rock Drill – Continuously adapts to the changing rock conditions, increasing drilling performance and the life of drill tools while decreasing fuel consumption.

The HCR1450-EDII with extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity no matter what the drilling situation.

Low-emission Tier IV engines offer low fuel consumption and meets US exhaust emissions regulations.

The Furukawa HD828S drifter combines powerful penetration with agility and easy operation. Equipped with features that maximize efficiency, the HD828S drifter sets the standard in high-performance drilling.

HCR1450-EDII Tier-IV Rock Drill

HCR1450-EDII Features & Benefits

  • Advanced rotary rod changer allows easy drill rod changes. Operators can add and remove rods using a single lever.
  • HCR1450-EDII features 12′ rods with extendable boom for increased drill pattern.
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage – featuring a pentagonal section design to reduce dirt build-up and track wear – ensures strength and durability.
  • High-output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling and decreases bit wear.
  • Reliable dust control system increases suction capacity and provides effective pre-cleaner to reduce escape of drilling dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.