Pedestal Units – 360˚ Rotation + Performance

FRD USA’s pedestal units with 360˚ base rotation are built from the ground up to help you achieve maximum productivity in today’s most demanding job circles.

Custom designed from 16 to 32 feet, these reliable, powerful performers are ideal for use in mining, quarry and industrial applications, including vessel cleanout. Used in conjunction with Hydra-Pak Compactors, the pedestal units are also ideally suited for use at waste transfer stations to achieve maximum compaction and load density in haul trucks. This results in a significant reduction in operating costs due to greater load efficiency.

Besides dramatically increasing your work radius, FRD’s 360˚ rotational base provides other time and cost-saving advantages. Because the load is carried and dispersed over the entire base, pin-wearing problems are eliminated. Fewer moving components also mean less wear and tear overall to minimize repairs and downtime.

The excavator-style boom features tubular sections designed to withstand the dynamic loading generated by today’s powerful hammers. For outstanding job versatility, modular construction allows various boom components and hammers to be interchanged using common mounting pins.

New pedestal units are the epitome of operational ease. A powerful electro-hydraulic control package provides complete, almost effortless control of the boom and breaker with two multi-functional joysticks. Proportional valves allow complete control over unit speeds. Less hydraulic hosing also makes the pedestal unit easy to retrofit.

Pedestal unit in use in industrial environment | Furukawa FRD

Pedestal Unit

Pedestal Systems Features & Benefits

  • All units are computer designed and engineered to meet customers’ specific applications.
  • Choose from heavy duty or extra heavy duty booms to handle hammers up to 4,000 pounds.
  • Control stations and power units are matched to the boom, breaker and application to maximize production.
  • Power packages are available in three models to suit job applications and operational needs.
  • Choose from select hydraulic hammers with wide ranging breaking forces to provide outstanding versatility.
  • Available options include insulated, climate-controlled, sound-proof cabs; centralized lubrication systems; and waist-mounted operational controls.