Fx770 Qtv Large Series Hydraulic Breakers – A Brute That Can Move Mountains

The new, 12,000 Lb Class Fx770 Qtv breaker replaces the popular F70 Qt, and offers unique features and proven design improvements.

Even though it requires the same pressure and flow than its predecessor, the Fx770 is designed to produce increased impact as a result of a significant increase in backhead pressure. It is also able to work on a wider range of carriers (48.5-ton to 83-ton).

This breaker is the perfect choice for working in quarries, breaking hard rock or taking on large demolition jobs. Several improvements to the through bolts increase durability, while a replaceable cylinder liner with concentric porting increases tool life. An anti-idle blow feature increases durability and performance. There is a coating applied to the breaker’s cylinder liner and valve, which reduces time-consuming maintenance and greatly increases the level of reliability.

Fx770 Qtv Hydraulic Breaker

Fx770 Qtv Features & Benefits

  • Increased carrier range (48.5 to 83 ton) over its predecessor, the F70 Qt (48.5 to 77 ton), allowing use on a wider range of carriers

  • Larger diameter working steel (7.48″) over the F70 Qt (7.09″)

  • Higher backhead pressure increases impact by 10% over the F70 Qt even though both operate with the same pressure and flow

  • Replaceable cylinder liner with concentric porting keeps piston aligned for maximum impact performance

  • Scratch-resistant phosphate coating applied to both valve and cylinder liner improves service life of both components; minimizes opportunity of minor galling

  • Design improvements to the through bolts, including larger thread diameters, can increase durability by 20%

  • Includes two-year warranty with registration